Laine Bradshaw, Ph.D.

I am an Ass​ociate Professor of Quantitative Methodology in the Educational Psychology Department at the University of Georgia. My research focuses on psychometrics, specifically on diagnostic measurement using contemporary item response models called diagnostic classification models (DCMs). My research efforts seek to refine statistical methodology to enable assessment results to provide useful information about students’ complex knowledge structures, including concepts they understand as well as misconceptions they have.

Ph.D., Research, Evaluation, Measurement, and Statistics
The University of Georgia, College of Education

M.S., Mathematics Education
The University of Georgia, College of Education

B.S., Mathematics Education
The University of Georgia, College of Education

The University of Georgia

Ass​ociate Professor​ of Quantitative Methodology with Tenure, Department of Educational Psychology
August 2016-Present​

Assistant Professor​ of Quantitative Methodology ​, Department of Educational Psychology
​ July 2012 - ​July 2016

James Madison University

Assistant Professor, Tenure Track, Department of Graduate Psychology

Assistant Assessment Specialist, Center for Assessment and Research Services

July 2011 - June 2012

Diagnostic classification models

Multidimensional measurement of students' skills and misconceptions

Formative assessment for standards- or objectives-based curricula

Item Response Theory

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Bradshaw, L., & Templin, J. (2014). Combining scaling and classification: A psychometric model for scaling ability and diagnosing misconceptions. Psychometrika, 79 (3), 403-425.

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