A. A cover letter from the applicant. This 1-2 page, single-spaced letter should include:

  1. Name, phone, email address.
  2. A description of your math and/or science related passions and/or interests. Specific examples are encouraged over descriptions of general interests.
  3. An explanation of why you need a new laptop for college. (What do you have now to take to college with you? How do you see it benefiting you?)

B. One letter of recommendation for the applicant from someone at their high school. This 1 page letter should include:

  1. School name.
  2. Your email address and best phone number to reach you for follow up questions.
  3. Evidence that the applicant has demonstrated the evaluation criteria.

C. A scanned copy of the acceptance letter from the research university the applicant plans to attend. In Georgia, the research universities are The University of Georgia, Georgia Tech, Georgia State, Emory, and the Medical College of Georgia. You do not have to attend an in-state university to be awarded this Technoship.

Annually, a maximum of 2 students from the same high school can be recommended for this award.
Applications are due by March 20th by email only. Please email applications to