Peer Reviewed Papers

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Paper Title Authors Journal Year Topic Areasort descending
The Effects of Q-Matrix Design on Classification Accuracy in the Log-Linear Cognitive Diagnosis Model Madison, M., & Bradshaw, L. Educational and Psychological Measurement 2015 DCMs
Diagnosing teachers' understandings of rational number-Building a multidimensional test within the diagnostic classification mod Bradshaw, L., Izsák, A., Templin, J., & Jacobson, E. Educational Measurement: Issues and Practice 2014 DCMs
Combining Item Response Theory and Diagnostic Classification Models- A Psychometric Model for Scaling Ability and Diagnosing Mis Bradshaw, L., & Templin, J. Psychometrika 2014 DCMs
Hierarchical diagnostic classification models: A family of models for estimating and testing attribute hierarchies Templin, J., & Bradshaw, L. Educational and Psychological Measurement 2014 DCMs
The Use and Misuse of Psychometric Models Templin, J., & Bradshaw, L. Psychometrika 2014 DCMs
Measuring the Reliability of Diagnostic Classification Model Examinee Estimates Templin, J., & Bradshaw, L. Journal of Classification 2013 DCMs
Invariance Principles for General Diagnostic Models. Bradshaw, L. & Madison, M. International Journal of Testing 2016 DCMs
Comparison of relative fit indices for diagnostic model selection Sen, S. & Bradshaw, L. (In Press) Applied Psychological Measurement. 2017 DCMs